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      Zhejiang Longyou health El Electronics Co., Ltd. was founded in 1987, is the earliest development produces photoelectric switch, mark sensors and other automation and control components of the science and technology enterprises. The company produces the "dragon" brand series of production in 1988 through provincial level appraisal, the products won the silver medal of national Spark Program, excellent prize of Zhejiang Province, the provincial four new product award, the Z3N series products and is listed as in 1998 in Zhejiang Province outstanding scientific and technological products.

      The company since its beginning and Ministry of aerospace and aviation department, Zhejiang University and other research institutions in close collaboration, strong technical force, products widely used in packaging, printing, metallurgy, tobacco, telecommunications, railways, aviation, aerospace and other industries in crop position detection, liquid level control, product counting, measuring speed, width discrimination, signal delay, marking color spot, correcting position, safety protection and anti-theft warning. Currently company production of "dragon" brand series of photoelectric switches has been by Ministry of aerospace, aviation, Shanghai Baosteel, Shanghai light industry equipment group, Beijing DASONG, many well-known enterprises, and to improve the quality and superior performance price compared to get the user's consistent high praise. Therefore, "China Packaging newspaper", "China Electronics News" respectively in 1998 March 20, 1998 to August 11, the front page of a prominent position: the "dragon" photoelectric switch and imported quality comparable to "and" Dragon Challenge foreign goods - blue light source photoelectric switch reaches the advanced level of the world "special report.

      Company in accordance with the ISO9000 international standard established comprehensive quality management assurance system, make the performance and quality of products reach the advanced level of the international similar products in the 1990s, the series of products can be directly with similar foreign products GM swap.
      Z3N series of coaxial reflection type mark sensor can be directly nt6 series with the sick company of Germany and Taiwan Fu of Taiwan company KS-C2 swap.
      Z3J series of infrared photoelectric switches, signs and sensors can be directly exchanged with the Japanese E3J company's OMRON series.
      HGK series separation type photoelectric switch can directly with foreign OPE series photoelectric switch.
      LJE series of proximity switches can be directly with foreign types of the same specifications close to the switch switch.

      Excellent product performance, the complete series of products, strong technical force, high-quality after-sales service, the "dragon" optoelectronic willing with you to join hands in creating a brilliant tomorrow!

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